The Commissioning of the Brewhouse

Or how the Calibration Ale came to be:

It would be nice to say that the first brew through the new Napoleone Brewers brewery was perfectly successful, but that would be somewhat untruthful. There is not much that can be done when a steam valve fails…of course everything worked beautifully when there was nothing but water in the tanks, but somehow the system knows when you put grain into it for the first time. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. It only took 2 days for a reset, and the Extra Special Bitter V1.1 made it into the fermenter on Saturday the 16th of August without any problems. We will call this our Calibration Ale as it is the brew I am using to understand how all of this marvelous equipment hums together in the new space.

The brewery itself was originally owned by Moo Brew and could be seen up until recently at MONA in Tasmania. It’s a nice 18HL brewery with 46hl unitanks allowing for double brews.  A microbrewery in the truest sense, we have a small four head filler allowing us to package four hundred bottles per hour.

The brewery is on display for the world to see while you are enjoying a brew in our cellar door.

There is room for 7 beers on our 10 tap system, with three reserved for cider. Expect them to slowly fill over the next few months, and don’t be afraid to throw suggestions at us as to what you want to see.If you want any more information about the brewery and the beers, I’m around on Saturdays and am more than happy to talk beer.
-Ben Waymouth

Join us for Meet the Brewer Saturdays every weekend at 11am for a in-depth beer chat, tasting, and brewery tour. Bookings are essential (9738 9100)

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