Pear Cider

The Effects of Sorbitol and Pear Cider

Napoleone Cider is absolutely mindful of the importance of delivering products of high quantity and consistency. We take pride in the fact that all our ciders are made from 100% fresh apple & pear juice from our own family orchards- no concentrates or flavours are added. The customer loyalty that we have built over the many years has been a testament to this approach.

Our Pear Cider contains a significant level of high quality pear juice. Like prunes, plums and grapes, pears contain a naturally occurring substance named Sorbitol which, depending on the quantity consumed and the sensitivity of the individual involved, may not agree with every individual. We can assure you there is nothing wrong with the cider if you experience a laxative effect.

If you do continue to experience an adverse reaction to drinking Pear cider in the future, we suggest sticking to apple cider, as apples do not contain nearly as much of this natural un-fermentable sugar.

Here are some helpful links that can further elaborate on Sorbitol’s side-effects;

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